Ambassador's Message


As  Ambassador of Republic of Djibouti in turkey , I take great pleasure in welcoming you to the Djibouti Embassy in Ankara Website.

With a new look , inaugurated on the 27 June, (djibouti ‘s National day ) ,the Embassy ‘s webpage is adressed to those who would like to find out more about our diplomatic activity and the services we provide.

Dedicated to the  Djiboutian-turkish relationship, the web page contains information aboutDjibouti , trade relations , labour legislation and social security  in turkey as well as contact details of the djiboutian organisations.

Another core function of the embassy is to deliver the best possible services to all Djiboutians citizens in turkey , who for one reason or another may find themselves in need of assistance

In this regard the Embassy offers relevant advisory and consular assistance.

Thank you for the interest you have taken in Djibouti Embassy to Ankara and for visiting us.

I wish you a pleasent reading.

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